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The History of the Waldhotel Zollernblick

Tradition meets Design

The Waldhotel Zollernblick-formerly Stokinger - belongs to the ancient houses, which began at the turn of the century their "career" as a grand hotel in Freudenstadt hotel scene. The hotel has actually managed to survive with the help of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation and most recently the universities of Tübingen, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and the decades to begin now in its full glory and elegance of a second career.


But we fade back in 1879. Freudenstadt was associated with the construction of the royal Württemberg railway with the great world. The first guests came to soak in the huge forests "containing ozone" air. Were therefore somewhat sympathetic to the inhabitants of the guests referred to as "Luftschnapper". But when people realized that this was then in the summer resort of foreigners brought money into town, they became more and more revered than air spa guests. So Freudenstadt quickly developed into a center of tourism.


Stokinger in the pastry on the marketplace, it was realized that the guests appreciated the support the cure a slice of cake or cake with a deliciously fragrant coffee. They thus established Hermann Stokinger 1894 on the enchanting view of his hotel room - at first, but in a modest fashion, garden home-like wooden hut. The cake has also been associated with the Leiterwägele (= wheelbarrow) on the Palmenwaldweg (= palm forest road) through the forest. The guests were happy if this hospitable manner, including a magnificent view of the Swabian Alb - and in fine weather you can actually see the battlements of the Hohenzollern Castle.


The café prospered and soon was out of the garden shed has become an inviting wooden coffee, and the remains of which survived until 1983. Already in 1902, was built in Tyrolean style, provided with Art Nouveau elements, creating a comfortable hotel, which was extremely popular with guests. It was up to the war years as Grand Hotel Freudenstadt, equipped with everything that was known at that time as a luxury.


Gerhard's son took over in 1939 by his father's hotel, in turn, passed in 1966, the hotel at the Vogt family-Stokinger. The Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation acquired the house in 1983 and could lead, led by the families Heinzelmann & Schillinger from HOTEL LAUTERBAD****S, as tenants, the hotel to new success. With over 40 weddings a year, the family-run hotel very happy also confirmed as a wedding hotel. Continuity and quality of service from the kitchen and gives the house a great popularity. Up to 140 people could be served in the festively decorated hall.


With German reunification, the financial position of the Foundation has been stressed, so that one had to look for a new owner. With the University of Tuebingen, in cooperation with the Universities of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, this house got his big chance to grow into a successful future. In several stages with the architects Schmelzle & partner they built in so many details that the former Grand Hotel is risen to a new look again like a phoenix from the ashes.

The family Heinzelmann & Schillinger, holder of the Waldhotel Zollernblick since 1983, restarted to manage this hotel (after a 2-year slumber) since the 29 August 2003.

With an air-conditioned ballroom, several meeting rooms, a stylish restaurant, the traditional Delfterzimmer coffee house ambience, the "wagon" - the hotel lobby and certainly the largest terrace in the district of Freudenstadt, the hotel is well prepared to be able to occur in the future even more professional.

We wish you a pleasant time in our hotel, cafe and restaurant.

Their families Heinzelmann & Schillinger

technical realization